Alan Freebury

Alan Freebury

We recognize that everything changes but how to remain open to a new balance, a new response and possibility rather than clinging to a position? Both methods begin with sensing ourselves and our relationship to our surroundings, clarifying our orientation. Both methods focus on function. Acting slowly, seeking minimal effort and the easiest path they improve our actions' quality, integrity and strength. They seek reversibility. Being continually in equilibrium, not carried away by momentum, reduces unnecessary preparatory movements allowing faster action. They explore movements that are not "ours"- waking up our curiosity, feeling, sensation, even joy.

After my first few years practicing tai chi and helping people improve relationships within their structure (Rolfing) I began my studies of Awareness Through Movement (ATM), the work of Dr. Feldenkrais. I was delighted by how ATM lessons opened my ability to sense what I was doing, to discover what I was leaving out and what was getting in my way. Dr. Ida Rolf had opened the door to seeing these differences, now I began to feel them more clearly. She called her work "Structural" to emphasize that we were working with the connective tissue system in relationship to gravity, a key to balance and health. Her colleague, Moshe Feldenkrais, called his approach "Functional" to emphasize the role of our nervous system in learning, discovering options. They agreed that structure and function were inseparable aspects of integration.

I have practiced tai chi since 1972 in the lineage of Yang Cheng Fu (with students of Dong Ying-Chieh, Cheng Man-Ching, Chen Wei-Ming, Choy Hok Peng and Yang Sau-Chung).

After graduating with Honors at UC Berkeley (Comparative Studies of Human Development) I began Rolfing (Structural Integration), apprenticing with Ida Rolf and completing my Advanced Rolfer Certification with her in 1976.

Further studies in the 1970s with Dr. Feldenkrais, Ruthy Alon, Gaby Yaron and Mia Segal led to becoming a Feldenkrais Practitioner with Elizabeth Beringer, a Master Practitioner with Mia Segal and F.I. Assistant in Feldenkrais trainings in Europe and America. My work is informed by my Buddhist practice and 17 years as a Paramedic Firefighter and teaching emergency medicine in San Francisco.